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The Best Gay Beaches

Your guide to the best Gay Beaches

Gay Beaches to Enjoy Worldwide Just like anyone else, gay people need some totally awesome places to get away from it all. Preferably, these should be at least gay tolerant destinations, but it may please and surprise you to learn that there are plenty of gay beaches to visit all over the world. These are great for gay couples to go and spend some time away from everything. They’re also perfect for gay couples to visit where they can be exactly who they are: a couple in love. This is especially ideal for couples that aren’t exactly completely out of the closet. Their family and friends may not know that they’re gay, but when these couples go to gay resorts, they can be comfortable and truly who they are.

 I Love Gay Beaches

I have always been curious about gay beaches and whether or not I could find any in my general area. You see, I live in a place that doesn’t have much of a gay population, but I always felt that having a beach that I could wear my favorite swimwear to without being harassed by those overly butch alpha males would be nice. I would welcome the chance to be able to sit out on the sand and enjoy the sun without some troglodyte running their mouth about how “my kind” wasn’t welcomed on their beach.

Now, I don’t have anything against gay men or women and I think having gay beaches would be a great service. I know there are some around the world as I have visited plenty of them in my travels over the years, but having one in my area would be the best possible solution for me. I have tried to be like all those other guys and wear those tacky trunks that they seem to love to wear, but they just don’t feel right to me; not to mention that I never get a decent tan when I am wearing them, either.

I am not gay by any stretch of the imagination, even though my wife thinks I am just because I have a fear of mice and scream when I see one. I am pretty sure that I won't be seeing too many mice on beaches, though, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, they have sharp teeth and claws and they are always chewing on things like they are ravenous little zombie beasts intent on doing as much destruction as possible. Who wouldn’t be afraid of having something like that attacking them for no reason?

Okay, enough about the mice. Let's get back to the gay hot spots that are so desperately needed in my area. The guys that are always down at the local beach seem to think that they have the thing on lockdown. They are always annoying the women and trying to impress everyone with how many heavy objects they can lift at once. I never really understood why lifting heavy things made some guys feel manlier than others, but I will let their psychologists work that out for them on their own time. Just seems like a waste of time and effort to me.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no problems with getting some exercise in. But going over board to the point where you can't even wipe your own butt in the bathroom because your arms are too big seems a bit ridiculous to me. You won't find guys like that on gay beaches anywhere; I can assure you. Gay men are quite willing to accept that bulking up your body in ways that were never intended for it to be is beyond stupidity. Looking good is one thing; bulging muscles to the point where you look freakish is something completely different in my book.

I have found that the many beaches I have visited all over the world have been much more relaxed in nature than the common public beaches that everyone goes to. For one thing, you don’t find a lot of kids on them throwing things around and making a mess out of the beach. Most parents won't let their small kids go to these kinds of beaches because they are afraid that their children will catch that nasty gay gene that apparently is spread by general exposure to gay people. Yes, ignorance is a wondrous thing, but it's a wonder that the human race has made it this long with so much of it.

I have also found that gay scene have people on them that don’t particularly care what you are doing and will do their best to let you enjoy the sun and the sand without trying to force you to listen to their moral dilemmas. I think that there should be more places out there where people will keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves so that you can actually enjoy yourself besides just on these types of beaches. I could think of quite a few places that would be nice to have happen myself.

I would love to find some beaches that were at least within driving distance of me since I don’t exactly have the money to purchase the land and make one myself. If I could, that would be even better because I would make it a private beach and only allow guys that were wearing swimwear on my beach. That would put a huge damper in the meathead department that likes to hang out at the entrance to the beach that is closest to me. Yes, I don’t particularly enjoy walking by those guys very often in case you can't tell.

I would relish the thought of being able to lie out on gay beaches during the weekend and work on getting the perfect tan. All the while wearing something sexy and just a tad erotic from I think that would be the perfect way of relaxing and getting rid of all the stress that my job seems to pile on top of me during the week. Even my wife could enjoy sitting out on a beach like that since she gets to look at all the sexy guys walk by.

My wife understands that she has no chance of hooking up with another man while we are on bikini beaches, but she gets to see some pretty hot guys walking around in swimwear from that leaves very little to the imagination most of the time. That alone is worth having her come to the beach with me when we go on vacation because it really turns her on. She has a fetish for sexy men in erotic swimwear, and it doesn’t matter to her if they are gay or not. As long as they have a penis in a pouch of some kind; she is quite content.

I have looked online trying to find thong beaches in my area, but always seem to fail miserably at actually finding them. I have found a couple of them that are a few hours’ drive away and I have visited a couple of them in the past. I just don’t want to drive all that far so that I can show off my latest swimwear from I want something that is close enough that I can run home if I need to and not have to plan an entire weekend around the trip.

I would have to say that the best gay beaches I have ever been to were in Europe. Those people over there really know how to turn a beach into a fantastic getaway; that’s for sure. Even if you aren’t gay, I would highly recommend going to one of these beaches if you ever get the chance. You will definitely enjoy the time that you spend there even if it is only a couple of hours. You will also meet some of the nicest people you could ever meet while you are there, unlike the people you meet on our local beach.

I have been to a couple beaches that I wouldn’t recommend to a crab if it was looking for somewhere to vacation for the day. Some of these beaches were the worst experiences in my life and I almost hate thinking about them. It wasn’t so much the beach itself, any beach with sand and an ocean is going to be pleasant to most people. But the aspect of getting onto the beach is what really killed the mood. There was one that you had to walk down an enclosed alley way to get to that was really scary.

If you have never walked down an enclosed alley before, then you should count yourself lucky. But try walking down an alley way like that just to get to a gay beach in a part of town that gays aren't exactly welcome in. That will turn your life around in quite a hurry if you aren't prepared to defend yourself in every way possible. My wife and I were almost physically attacked in this particular alley way because they thought we were a gay couple. Of course, my wife has a 36DD chest, but these morons thought she was a man in drag.

You really have to wonder at what makes a person so phobic about gay spots and gay people in general. Sure, there is something to say about the environment they grew up in and the religion that was forced down their throats from the time they could walk, but you would think that in this day and age, people would have learned a few things. Just the thought of having someone hate another person so much that they would attack a harmless married couple because of their beliefs is enough to make you want to exit yourself from the human race altogether.

I know that I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I have raised my children to see all people as individuals that deserve respect no matter what. Those people that prefer to hang out on gay clubs deserve their respect even if they aren't comfortable with being around them. They have the right to be there and have as much relaxation and fun as anyone else does on any other beach in the world. There is no reason to attack them verbally or physically just because you don’t like what they do in the bedroom.

The funny thing is that most of the men out there that rally around the hatemongers seem to have an affinity with beaches that goes well beyond enjoying the sand and sun. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them aren't secretly gay, but won't allow themselves to accept it. They would rather live a life full of dishonesty and deceit towards who they really are so that their friends and family members will still accept them. It's really a shame that people have become so divided over such trivial aspects of life these days.

Maybe if all of these people spent some quality time visiting gay beaches in their area, they would see that not every gay man wants to have sex with them. In fact, most gay men have no thoughts about having sex with other guys that aren't gay in the first place. Sure, there are a few gay men that fantasize about it, but there are plenty of straight men that fantasize about sleeping with celebrity women on a daily basis as well. It doesn’t mean that you are going to go out there and molest Madonna the first time you see her.

If more people could understand what it means to relax on these gay pool parties, they might figure out that the gay men and women out there are the same as us on every level expect who they want to be in a relationship with. They are hardworking individuals that want to enjoy their lives just like everyone else on the planet. Of course, hate groups make that a bit difficult for them to do, but there are plenty of minorities around that can understand what that feels like.

I enjoy going tobeaches even though I am not gay. I find their beaches cleaner and much friendlier than any public beach I have ever been to in my life. The people that frequent these beaches understand that the beach is a place to relax and enjoy instead of being somewhere that you go to verbally abuse other people that aren't the same as you are. If you want to enjoy your life and maybe get some time out in the sun with your favorite swimwear piece, then you should do everything in your power to find some beaches in your area. The sooner you realize that you can have tranquility and peace in your life by accepting others that are different from you, the sooner you will see your life turn around and become better.



There are top vacation destinations that gay people can visit whether they’re single or in a relationship. In fact, visiting gay beaches can be one of the best ways to actually meet someone for singles. You’ll find activities for everyone no matter what their relationship status. When you’re ready to start planning your trip, the hardest decision you may have to make is exactly where you want to go.

If Mexico is one of your favorite places, you’re going to love the Blue Chairs Resort by the Sea located in Puerto Vallarta. This amazing hotel can be found in the gay center of Puerto Vallarta and caters especially to gay clients. Sitting directly on the beachfront, there’s cocktail service on the beach so you can enjoy the sun while sipping drinks that are served to you right at your lounge chair. Gay beaches aren’t the only activities you’ll get at the Blue Chairs Resort. This hotel organizes such things drag shows, gay cruises, and themed dance parties as well, all for their guests. Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old to stay there, though, as it’s an adults only hotel.

Another great gay vacation spot south of the border is in Costa Rica, Central America. This not only has sugar sand beaches but also lush rainforests, cloud forests, active volcanoes and rushing rivers. Costa Rica already has progressive laws in place that protect the rights of gay people, which makes it a friendly location where you can enjoy beaches without any hassles. The capital, San Jose, offers a particularly fun night life that includes lots of hot salsa dancing.

If you’re into a hot and colorful vacation, give the Capital Federal District of Buenos Aires, Argentina a try. There’s a pretty exciting gay scene in this city that makes it more than perfect to enjoy some time away from home. This is another city with progressive laws that offers an exciting nightlife along with the color and vibrance of an emerging gay movement.

If you think of yourself as a world traveler, or you want to be one, you’ll find one of the most amazing gay beaches at Turtle Cove Resort in Australia. It’s a full service resort for both gay men and lesbians that offer its guests a private beach along with tours of a close rainforest area. They also provide all sorts of water activities such as scuba diving, white water rafting and snorkeling. If you like, you can just enjoy relaxing massages and a lot of sun.

In a different part of the world is Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. You’ve probably heard all sorts of things about how wild and gay friendly Thailand is, and now you get to find out that everything you’ve heard is all true! This is one of the hottest gay beaches around. A lot of this popularity is because it’s so freaking cheap to have a great time there. Whether it’s the electric nightlife, refreshing water activities, or just the overall friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Patong Beach has it all. If you’re ready to be dazzled by one of the most phenomenal places on the earth, plan a trip to the past host of many pride festivals.

If you prefer to stay stateside, there’s always Fire Island Pines. This beach community is a short ferry ride from Fire Island, New York. It’s considered to be the hottest gay beach in New York. This may be one of the most phenomenal gay beaches in the country, for that matter. Either way, it’s a pretty well-known and often visited location for both single and attached gay people.

Now that you’ve got some destinations in mind, it’s time to figure out where you’ll be getting your swimwear to show off everything you’ve got when you do hit one of those beaches. Since the types of swimsuits you’re going to want to wear will most likely not be found in typical department stores, you’ll probably want to start looking online at specialty menswear sites. Once you type that term in the search engine box, you’ll be amazed at the sheer volume of websites that will come up offering you plenty of options to wear to beaches. Now, you can spend hours, days or even weeks running through all of those sites while trying to figure out which one is the best for you. That will take you a lot of time and energy that your busy life is too full to allow.  

On the other hand, you can simply go to and save yourself a lot of time. This is the premier website that men from all over are discovering and returning to over and over again. The items that you’ll find at this website are like none other. Professional menswear designer Michael David has been creating swimwear for men to wear on beaches for more than 20 years. He started his career path when he was still a young man. Introduced to the pleasures of Spandex Speedos by a neighbor, he knew early on what direction his future career would take. He wanted to give all men the opportunity to experience the sensation that he had on that hot summer afternoon so long ago.

Michael doesn’t only design swimwear for gay men. He designs swimwear for all men. Not only that, but he doesn’t stop at only swimwear. Michael designs such things as bikinis, thongs and fetish wear for men as well. His creations aren’t worn only on gay beaches, either. If you frequent beaches or pools, you’ve most likely spotted men wearing swimwear from and you just didn’t realize it. They’re pretty distinctive and if you noticed some swimwear on men that really stood apart from the rest, you were probably seeing some products.

The garments that you’ll find at are of the highest quality and you won’t ever have to worry about having any embarrassing incidents with them, such as diving into the water and surfacing naked. Michael refuses to put anything available for sale that he wouldn’t be proud to wear himself. Whether it’s for trips to gay beaches or just trips around your private pool, Michael wants men to love wearing his designs. That’s why he takes extra special care in putting them together. In fact, Michael personally tests out his designs before he releases them for sale on the website. If there’s anything that he doesn’t like about those designs once he’s put them together, he goes back to the drawing board and starts all over again. How many professional designers can make that claim?

That’s why Michael can always hold his head up proudly when it comes to his unique creations that are spotted on male beaches as well as straight ones. He doesn’t scrimp on materials or workmanship. On top of that, the prices that are charged for any of his menswear are more than reasonable. Michael wants his products to be affordable so that all men have an equal chance to enjoy his creations. So that’s something else to keep in mind when you’re deciding whether or not is the right place for you to purchase your swimwear.

Something that needs to be mentioned about the items you’ll find on this website is that the majority of them are fashioned for men in at least decent shape. Think about how much sense that makes when you’re shopping for items to wear on thong beaches. If you’re 5’5 and weigh 300 pounds, even a site as creative as isn’t going to be able to help you look like a sex machine. Be realistic when you’re shopping for your swimwear. If you feel that you’re not capable of doing that, have someone you really trust to help you.

You see, loving someone doesn’t mean lying to them so that they’ll feel better about how they look. Loving someone means that they will tell you the honest, brutal truth about how you appear to others when wearing a sexy swimsuit. Someone that truly cares about you will not let you go to gay beaches looking ridiculous. A true friend or lover will kindly tell you if you’re trying to carry off a swimsuit that’s totally hidden by your overlapping gut. Don’t take it badly if this happens to you. Just be grateful that you didn’t let others see you looking that way.

If you do happen to be one of those men that have somehow got totally out of shape over the years, don’t feel bad and don’t give up. Instead, use your goal of looking hot in something you purchase from as a way to get back on track so that you’ll be ready to hit those beaches in style. You can do something like print off a picture of your favorite swimsuit from the website and put it up on your refrigerator or somewhere else that you’ll see it constantly.

Next, it’s time to embark on a healthy eating plan and workout regime. If you need the company and support of others while you’re undertaking this task, find a good local gym or health club to join. This is where you’ll most likely get some individual attention and assistance as well as be able to interact with other guys like yourself. It’s always much easier when you have a goal in mind, and nothing is more motivating than the thought of taking a trip to some gay beaches.

Now, as you see the excess fat melting off of you to reveal some tightening and toned muscles, motivate yourself even more by spending some time browsing and choosing the swimsuits that you like the best. You can even bookmark your favorites so that as you tone up and trim down even more, you’ll be able to locate them quickly so that you can place your order. There’s truly nothing that will get you moving faster than knowing you’ll be able to wear some of those hot mens swimsuits and show off your brand new body on some of the top beaches.

Speaking of hot bodies, the models wearing the swimsuits are some of the most delicious eye candy you’re apt to see anywhere. You may even say that they’re a bit mouthwatering to look at. While you’re drooling and fantasizing over these tasty treats, you might also try picturing yourself looking almost as good as they do in those swimsuits. If you have a partner, imagine how much more he’ll want you when you look similar to those models. On the other hand, if you’re single and looking for a little one on one fun, think of how many hot guys will be hitting on you when you visit those gay beaches you’ve been dreaming about.You see, with some hard work, more for some than others, you’ll be able to live a different sort of life than you’ve been living with that excess body weight. In fact, now you’ll be strutting rather than waddling, and won’t that be such a delight? All of your efforts will be highly rewarded once you reach your goal and don that first sexy swimsuit from You’ll agree from that moment on that Michael David truly understands and you’ll be very grateful that you found this website and his designs. As you lounge on some gay beaches with your new body and new swimsuits, you’ll whisper a quiet Thank You to Michael.

Vacationing on Gay Beaches

There are quite a few gay men in the world that are looking for exciting beaches in order to have some fun while they are on vacation. These days it's pretty easy to find beaches that will cater to gay men and women when you consider the use of the Internet. Back in the day, it was almost impossible to find these types of beaches unless it was passed on to you by word of mouth. Thankfully, the entire world has delved into the area of technology, and a quick search online will show you the most relevant beaches available.

One of the main reasons to find gay beaches is because you really want to show off the new swimwear you purchased from But not only are you going to want to show off your new swimwear, you are going to want to show off that sexy body you have. By going to these kinds of beaches, you will be able to show everyone around you just the type of guy you really are. Not only that, but you are going to get all the attention you could ever have dreamt of just by walking down the beach.

Now, you should be aware that there are some beaches out there that aren't going to allow you to wear the more erotic options on Even though they cater to the gay lifestyle, they still have a moral obligation to the people that use the beach, and that means you will have to check to see if you can wear the more erotic options. Of course, a simple email or phone call will give you all the information you might need to make things a bit easier on you.

Most hot male beaches will provide resorts that cater to the gay lifestyle as well. These resorts will allow you to live your life in the manner that you want in order to be as happy as you can possibly be while you are on vacation. Finding resorts that have private beach access will probably be the best option for you as they will allow you to wear the more erotic options for the most part. You won't have to hide who you are any longer by forcing yourself to wear your swimwear under your clothing or in the privacy of your own home.

Taking a vacation to bisexual beaches can be the one thing in your life that really makes sense. All those days of toiling in the office just to make enough money to pay your bills will be worth it when you get to relax on a beach and show off your new swimwear. knows that you work hard and they want you to enjoy your downtime as much as possible. That is why they offer you some of their best items for a price that you can always afford to pay. Nothing is better than having sexy swimwear at a good price these days.

When you start planning your vacation to any of those gay beaches you have found online, you need to make sure that you are taking along the right swimwear. You don’t want to show up wearing something that you purchased from a retail chain store, now do you? Wearing things like that to these types of beaches will only get you laughed at. You want something that is going to tell people that you are adventurous and you love to have fun. Of course, you might want to check and make sure it's okay with your partner if you wear something like that.

If you do have a partner, you might want to make sure it is okay with them if you go to one of these fun beaches instead of surprising them. Not all gay men out there like to parade themselves around on a beach wearing next to nothing. Now, you may not see it as that big of a deal, but your partner might end up getting a bit peeved as everyone else on the beach is staring at your body and ignoring them, altogether. You want to make your partner happy, so be sure you discuss this with them just to be safe.

It would be a good idea if you showed your partner some of the fem beaches that you found online so that they can get a better opportunity to make a decision. They need all the information that they can get so that they are sure they are making the right choice. Just like you need all the information you can get if you don’t have a partner. You don’t want to show up on a beach that isn't geared towards gay men and women wearing something from and be asked to leave after all.

Now, you might be able to find a few beaches in your area, if you live near the coast somewhere, but for the most part, you are going to have to do some major traveling. This usually includes traveling on a plane and when it comes to things like this, you are going to need to pack your erotic items in your luggage and not wear them onto the plane. You never know when you might get pulled out of line for a security check these days, and some of these items are difficult to explain.

Once you get to your resort on one of these beaches, you can put your erotic items back on and start enjoying your vacation. If your partner is with you, then they can jump on into the fun and put their swimwear on from as well. Then, you can both go out and check how great the sun feels on the beach. Just remember to take your sunscreen because the items from are going to be putting quite a lot of skin on display to get burned, and you don’t want that to happen while you are on vacation.

You might like to know that the new items you purchase to go to these gay beaches will work out very well for you when you get home, too. There are plenty of ways that you can utilize your new swimwear at home even if you don’t have any beaches close to you. For one thing, you can always wear them to the tanning salon to keep your tan up. Or maybe lying out in the backyard if you don’t like sitting in a tanning bed. Either way, you can still wear your special vacation swimwear anytime you want.

Now, if you have purchased the more erotic options on to take to your wild beaches vacation, then you might want to keep those for the bedroom. You can always wear them under your clothes while you are at work in order to enjoy the day a bit more, but you aren't going to be able to take them out in public with nothing covering them. You can try, but you are probably going to get into some kind of trouble for doing it if you aren't extra careful about where you are wearing them.

If you are still having a hard time finding bikini beaches that will allow you to wear the items you have already purchased, then you might want to check on international resorts. There are quite a few beaches in France and various other countries around the world that will allow you to wear just about anything you want, or nothing at all. Those countries seem to be a bit more open- minded about sexuality in all its forms, although traveling to these places might end up costing you a lot more money than you would normally want to pay.

If you can't afford to go to international Speedo beaches and there aren't any in your area that you want to visit, then why not look into getting a beach house that comes with a private beach? In this way, you can wear whatever you want on your own beach and not have to worry about other people being out there and becoming uncomfortable with what you are choosing to wear. It might cost a bit more to purchase a beach house like that, but you can always do a summer lease option or a time share aspect so that you can vacation anyway you want to.

There are many different options that you can look into when it comes to finding Speedo beaches that you can vacation on these days. There are even gay travel companies available that specialize in finding the perfect getaways for gay singles and couples. This allows someone else do all the work and you can worry about packing and having fun when you get there. You might even be able to find a package deal that includes various options and events while you are staying at the resort that are suited to the gay lifestyle.

Wearing your swimwear on these beaches will definitely put you in a more relaxed mood than you ever were at home. Having that kind of comfort with you at home is great, but being able to wear them freely and out in the open on a gay beach is something that dreams are made of. You may never get the chance to experience something like that unless you are able to go to one of these beaches, and that is why it is so important for you to at least try to find one close by.

You don’t even have to go to these gay beaches on vacation if you happen to live close to one. It wouldn’t hurt you to travel a few hours round trip to go to a beach where your swimwear and lifestyle are actually welcomed. You might find it fun to be able to head out after work one day and let the warm sun and ocean water wash the stress away from your psyche. Think about how peaceful you would end up feeling after a hard day’s work by sitting in the sand with a cold drink in your hand.

Even if you only get one chance in your life to experience the paradise that are gay clubs, you need to go. You don’t even have to be gay in order to enjoy these beaches, either. It's not like you are going to be kicked off the beach if you are straight. They will welcome you and your swimwear as if you belonged there all your life. Then, you can relax with your erotic swimwear and enjoy being out in the sun with everyone else. Besides, there are plenty of men that wear this type of swimwear and they aren't gay.

When you are on one of these gay beach clubs, you are going to be meeting a lot of very interesting people. If you are single, this could mean a whole different aspect to the fun you were hoping to have on your vacation or day off. If you have a partner with you, it could end up meaning the exact same thing if you are lucky enough to be invited to some private parties later on that night. Sometimes, you have to grab the bull by the horns and see what life can bring you.

Whether you decide to go to any gay beach resorts or not, making sure that you are having fun on your vacation is vitally important. If you can't enjoy your vacation by wearing your swimwear from, then there is no point in taking a vacation. You might as well just sit at home for a week and enjoy some riveting numbness of your local television stations. But if you are able to wear your swimwear out there on a closed beach, then that is what you need to be working towards. You won't know just how much you can enjoy something like this until you actually get a chance to go to these gay beach spas and show off your sexy body in your seductive swimwear.
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Best Gay Beaches in the World
If you are going on a summer sun holiday this year then you will want to be able to relax and let your hair down, and there are some absolutely fabulous gay beaches around the world where you can step out in style, and enjoy the many sights and entertainments on offer in gay friendly surroundings. Some of the best gay beaches are alongside gay resort communities such as Provincetown in Massachusetts, and are very welcoming and open to gay visitors, with gay friendly bars, B&Bs, clubs, festive events and stunning golden beaches, and in places like this you can truly relax and be yourself whilst enjoying all of the wonderful attractions and entertainments on offer. So if you have the skimpy little bikini you have been dying to try out, or are looking forward to meeting hot new guys whilst topping up your tan then here are just a few of the best gay beaches in the world for you to try out on your next summer sun holiday.

Provincetown, Massachusetts
Provincetown is a famous gay resort community right on the tip of Cape Cod, and has a reputation for being one of the worlds most fun and festive seaside destinations, with a wonderfully warm and open atmosphere and gay friendly facilities and beaches. The gay community here is busy and bustling and there are so many things to do and places to go you will be spoilt for choice, and as well as sunbathing on the fantastic gay beaches there are plenty of other attractions such as arts and culture and fabulous shops, cafes and restaurants and of course a very lively nightlife.
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Eating Out
There are some great restaurants in Provincetown serving everything from fresh local fish dishes through to spicy Mexican food, so you should be able to find somewhere to eat out to suit almost every taste, ideal after a hard days relaxation (and posing!) down on the gay beaches. Here are just a few of the most popular restaurants in the area:
• Saki, Sushi and Space – this is the best sushi bar in town and has a very loyal following, and the atmosphere manages to be at once very refined and also down to earth and good fun. As indicated by the name the restaurant itself is very spacious, and has some colorful Japanese style murals and art on the walls, and large TV screens display modern Asian animation giving the place a playful, fun feel. The sushi bar sits right in the middle of the room and from here you can see the chefs preparing the tasty food with exquisite skill and precision and the menu is truly amazing, with an extensive range of the freshest sushi from the classic shrimp Tempura through to exotic Tobiko (flying fish roe). There are also a number of Thai and Chinese inspired dishes on the menu too and the whole restaurant has a pleasant, modern feel with none of the pretensions sometimes seen in high level sushi restaurants in other parts of the US.
• Johnny Thai’s – this popular restaurant sells a fabulous mix of Chinese, American and Thai foods, served up with some of the best cocktails in town. The bistro style dining area is combined with a fun and lively bar, known for its outgoing and festive atmosphere which has visitors returning year after year. Top menu choices include the delicious Thai Bangkok Shrimp, Cape Cod Clam platter and the every popular Pad Thai, and you can also order take out. One of the best things about Johnny Thai’s is the full menu is served right through until 1am, so whether you are on your way out or on your way home you can stop off for a tasty meal with your friends.

Nights Out
With its gay beaches and lively nightlife Provincetown is a great party resort and there are a number of excellent bars and nightclubs spread throughout the area that cater to all kinds of tastes and sexual attractions.
• Crown and Anchor – this lively venue has two bars, the Wave Bar for those just dropping in for a drink and dance with friends and also The Vault, which is the perfect spot for the wild and adventurous and a haven for leather-lovers. The Crown and Anchor has a great drinks menu and special events are organized throughout the year which keeps the atmosphere fun and lively both in and out of season.
• The Porch Bar (over Gifford House) – this quiet and intimate watering hole is the ideal place for quiet drinks, and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere which is great for first dates and meeting friends.
• Atlantic House – this lively nightclub hosts a number of Friday night theme parties which are great fun and is open all year round for drinks and dancing. The Legends Show on Saturday nights is also popular and the entrance fee is a reasonable $20 per person.

Provincetown has some great shops, so whether you are looking for the perfect swim suit to show off your body down on the gay beaches or you want some cool presents to take back home for your friends after your trip then you should have a lot of fun checking out the many boutiques, stores and specialist shops in the area.
• Hot Coffey – this excellent shop stocks both classic and ultra modern beachwear and is the place to go to get everything you need to hit the gay beaches in style. Hot Coffey is also expanding to fit a range of all-year round designer clothing and all the garments are made locally in Cape Cod, and the best things about the shop (aside from the hot outfits) is the warm and friendly atmosphere and the helpful, welcoming staff.
• Purple Feather – if you love all things chocolaty then the Purple Feather is the shop for you, stocking all kinds of fine, hand made chocolates, fudges and sweets, all with a sexy twist. The adult erotic candies make great gifts for that lusty person in your life, or you can just indulge yourself with a selection of some of the many beautiful and truly decadent treats on offer.

Key West, Florida
Key West lies right at the most south westerly tip of Florida and is known for its popular and welcoming gay resort community and fantastic golden gay beaches and tropical waters. If you love sun, sand and surf then Key West is the perfect holiday destination for you, and alongside the lively and hectic nightlife there are also plenty of cultural and historical sights, and some fantastic gay friendly facilities including good restaurants, fun bars and nightclubs and also water sports for those that want to add a few more thrills and spills to their stay.

Eating Out
When you have finished kicking back and relaxing on the popular gay beaches of Key West then you can head out for some incredible food at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the area, which offer cuisines from all around the world alongside some of that famous fast and attentive American service. Here are just a few of the best gay friendly venues in Key West:
• Grand Café – this friendly and welcoming café has some great views, and the stylish courtyard and porches are a top place to see and be seen. The menu is varied and there should be plenty for all tastes to enjoy, and you can’t leave until you have tried one of the Grand Café’s fabulously oversized martini cocktails.
• Café Marquesa – this is situated in the Marquesa Hotel, and offers some good modern cuisine in stylish and friendly surroundings, and top dishes include some excellent fresh local seafood and an extensive grilled meat selection. The deserts are also rather tasty and are made fresh every day, so make sure you save some room!
• Camille’s Key West Restaurant – this is one of the most well established restaurants in Key West, and very popular with the locals because of its fun and funky atmosphere and excellent food and drinks menus.
• Conch Republic Seafood Company – if you love seafood then a trip to Conch is a must, as this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Key West and has a stunning waterfront dining area. Live entertainment is also available daily, and the atmosphere is fun and lively with one of the best Happy Hours in the area.

Nights Out
After spending your day checking out the local sights and delights of the gay beaches you can unwind in the evening or go out for some serious partying at one of the many gay friendly bars and nightclubs in Key West.
• 801 Bourbon Bar – The cabaret shows in the upstairs bar are legendary, and have featured a number of famous acts including RV Beaumont, Margo and Kylie. 801 Bourbon Bar has been providing entertainment for visitors and locals for over 30 years and is one of the top nights out in Key West, so is well worth a look in if you are in the area.
• Aqua Nightclub – If you want to dance off your lazy days spent soaking up the sun on the gay beaches of Key West then Aqua Nightclub can provide you with some great sounds to shake your booty to, and also has a great Karaoke night on Mondays and an entertaining ‘Reality is a Drag’ show which is on six days a week.
• Bobby’s Monkey Bar – this fantastic local bar is a great place to meet friends for a drink, and has karaoke nights, pool tournaments and other events to keep the atmosphere fun and lively throughout the year.

The gay beaches in Key West are a great place to people watch as you work on your tan, so if you want to make sure your beachwear is bang up to date and ready to be paraded down on the sand then a shopping trip to one of the areas many top stores is a must. Latitude 25 Clothing Co has some great top of the line clothing from Tommy Bahama through to Salt Life and also sells lots of gift items for you to take home for your friends and family. There are also a number of specialist adult stores in the town, which are great places to stock up on naughty treats such as the Airvilla Megastore, which has everything from erotic literature and sexy accessories to steamy DVDs.

Barcelonetta Beach, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelonetta is one of the many excellent gay beaches in and around the exciting city of Barcelona, and is packed during the high season with hot guys all working on their tans and checking out the local talent. There are a number of gay friendly bars and cafes along the beach front, so you can easily find somewhere to relax for a drink and bite to eat, and the nearby gay district L’Eixample (also known as Gaixample!) has a welcoming and open atmosphere and plenty of shops, bars and nightclubs.

Eating Out
Strutting your stuff on the gay beaches of Barcelona can be tiring work, so when you are ready for a break you can head over to one of the many excellent restaurants throughout the city. There are some different cuisines on offer, but like many Spanish cities the main bulk of the menus will revolve around Latin, Spanish and Mediterranean style cooking, but this is always so tasty and freshly prepared it should never disappoint.
• Espai Sucre – an elegant dining room and a sophisticated menu will appeal to foodies, and there is a great range of classic and modern Spanish food on offer.
• Unico – if you just want a quick, affordable and well cooked meal then Unico is ideal, and the cafeteria style seating makes it easy just to walk in off the street as a single or part of a crowd and find a comfortable spot to enjoy your meal.

Nights Out
You will find plenty of great bars to relax in after a long day soaking up the sun on Barcelona’s glorious gay beaches, and there are several popular Arena discos and bars, so once you have paid admission to one you get a stamp and then can visit all the other Arena venues in the city without paying again. Dietrich is definitely worth a visit as this is Barcelona’s legendary drag club and hosts some of the cities best drag acts, all in elegant and friendly surroundings.

Barcelona is known for its excellent shopping facilities, so much so that many people just come here to stock up on designer clothes and specialist items, and Bulevard Road is the main retail hub, with over a hundred shops selling everything from the latest designer shoes through to classic Spanish gifts for you to take back for your friends and family.

Gay Beaches.


If you want to be able to perve without fear of being seen, what better way to do so than don a pair of dark sunglasses, grab a towel and some sunscreen – and hit the beach. Sure, you can go to the gym, but they’ll catch on sooner or later. When they spot you staring in the mirror, not doing much at all, but a raging hard on filling your gym pants, then your membership will be cut short. But at the beach, you can be anonymous, your board shorts hiding whatever your cock is doing, and you can gawk to your heart’s content. People do all sorts of things at the beach, so you can even hide behind a newspaper or book, or just sit there with your MP3 player and a soft drink. There’s no expectations (as there is in a gym where it’s kinda a requirement that you work out) at the beach, so even if you’re just ‘looking out to sea’ it’s acceptable and you won’t get arrested. You can go alone or with friends, pack a lunch or buy it there. Sunbake or cover yourself up, walk or catch a bus. Beaches are by their very nature a relaxing destination so don’t stress yourself too much about arrangements.

So the next question is, where do you go? Where can you be assured that you won’t end up on a nudist beach (where nakedness is an expectation, making it hard to have a decent perve – unless you want a nudist beach), or a hetero beach, where even though you might find your share of great looking cock you can’t be assured they’re gay or not. Having said that, though, it might be the best place to perve as you could get away with pretending to stare at the women and no-one will be any the wiser.

But if it’s a gay beach you definitely want, then you’ll want an idea of where to go – driving around looking for signs (“Gays This Way”) won’t get you far. The beaches aren’t exactly marked out in a street directory, and you can’t exactly pull over and ask someone (“Hey, where can I find great cock in swimmers?”). So you need to be prepared and have an idea of where to go before you head out to the beach. Gay beaches can be hard to find – this is because you don’t want to draw attention to yourself and where you’ll be most vulnerable (in a pair of swimmers, not fully clothed, and lying on the sand). In this day and age you still need to be careful so advertising where you’ll be is not wise in certain places. Hence, knowledge is important – and you can find it here. Some places, though, don’t need signs. The areas are so obviously gay that you’d have to be blind not to notice. The collections of gay paraphernalia and people are as good as a huge neon sign pointing the way to go. They are generally located in the gay heart of a place, too, so if there’s a beach it’s probably going to be close to accommodation, clubs, bars, and places to eat.

If you’re on holidays, too, you want to be able to relax and meet new people. And if you’re an outdoorsy-type, then a gay beach is the way to go. You can grab some fresh air and lie back, catching up on your tan if you are from a colder clime, and perhaps find a date – or even a long-term friend or partner. So knowing where to go on holidays is important too. You don’t find “Gay Beach” marked on the tourist maps, or at the information centres. Maybe they’ll know, but asking might be a bit intimidating so you choose not to – and who wants to spend their entire holiday in the hotel or some sleazy bar? Research before you go and find out the hottest beaches where other gay guys gather. Make your holidays memorable for more than tacky souvenirs or local tourist attractions.

And if you’ve just moved to the area, you don’t get an information package detailing where the gay beaches are in a welcome package from the local council. It doesn’t come with the next electricity or gas bill, and your neighbours aren’t really the people to approach if you’ve just taken up residence in an apartment. “Hi, I’m Gary. Nice to meet you! Um, say, can you tell me where the gay beaches are?” Of course if you move into a gay apartment block it might be different!

So, where to find the best gay beaches? If you’re touring, or just moved, or discovering yourself – you need to know. Read no further – here we’ve taken out the hard work and gathered together the best gay beach locations around the world. Whether in Australia or Argentina, Zanzibar or Zollikon you’ll know exactly where to go.