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Let me start off by saying I am a micro swimwear enthusiast with many friends that share the same interests. My group is made up of gay, straight and bit men along with some girlfriends and wives that are into wearing extreme swimwear designs. Gay beaches have always been our favorites because must of the guys there are completely accepting of body types and any swimsuit you choose to wear no matter how extreme. Now that bikinis and even thongs for men are considered mainstream fashions on almost all beaches. We will be featuring the best gay beaches, reviews on gay beaches, hot swimwear, the latest trends and beach and pool parties.

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Finding Gay Beaches

You might be surprised at just how many gay beaches there are out there that you don’t know about. For a very long time there have been private beaches set up so that gay men and women can go out and have some fun of their own without having to worry about being discriminated against. They can wear the swimwear that they are comfortable in and everyone already knows that they are who they are. Now some of these beaches might be invitation only to get onto but there are some that are pretty open publicly about what they are. You will have to do a little bit of research to find them but they are worth the effort if it doesn’t bother you to be on these gay beaches. Of course if something like his does bother you than you probably aren’t hear reading about them in the first place. So go out and have some fun on one of these beaches and see how the other half lives their life.

Surprise gay Beaches

We all know about the most popular gay beaches like Fire Island and Baker beach but do you know about the surprise gay beaches? Beaches like Venice Beach, Blacks beach and Will Rodgers to name just a few. The are many beaches that are not known as gay beaches that attract a big gay and straight following but are not considered mostly gay or mostly straight. There are many areas that are so well blended that the term gay beaches or straight beaches no longer apply. The best way of finding surprise gay beaches is to ask the boys that live in the area what their favorite beach is. You will find more great beaches this way than any other method. The locals always know which beaches offer the hottest gay scene.

Gay Beaches

There are a few interesting things about gay beaches that you may not know. Possibly, the first one would be that gay beaches are not as difficult to locate as you might think if you are a novice to the gay life. However, the truth is that beaches created for the gay population do not mind if straight people visit their venue. They only thing they do ask is that if you lead a straight lifestyle, refrain from being obnoxious and insulting. After all, they are kind enough to allow you to be there. The least you can do is be polite and friendly. If you cannot manage that, then you should choose another venue more to your liking. Keep in mind that the gay population is growing everyday and they are deserving of their own spaces as much as straight people do. Therefore,  if the environment is going  to make you uncomfortable, you might want to consider visiting another one for your beach items.

Gay Beaches