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Gay Beaches


As with all beaches, learn beforehand what dangers exist – places like Australia demand sunscreen and sun protection (one of their sun safety campaigns implores you to “Slip, slop, slap and wrap” – shirt, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses). Of course, if you plan on spending the day outdoors this is a great message – no matter where you go. A tan might look nice, but skin cancer and scars don’t so protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

Natural dangers exist, too – watch out for jellyfish, blue ring octopi and other nasty stingers. Many patrolled beaches will advertise the fact that there are stingers around (it tends to be seasonal or weather-dependant). These blighters hurt, and some can be deadly. If the beach is closed, it’s closed for a good reason so obey the signs.

Another natural danger are rips (very strong currents that can drag you out to sea) – again, many patrolled beaches ask you to swim between flags placed on the beach to ensure you don’t inadvertently stray and potentially get yourself in trouble. Of course, the benefit of this is that the lifesavers can come rescue you – and if you need to be rescued, what better way than some muscle bound beach beauty in a pair of skimpy swimmers?

After big storms or lots of rain many beaches can be polluted with sewage and/or rubbish so again, if there are signs they’re there for a good reason – avoid the water! You don’t want to spend your holiday in hospital with a tummy bug from swallowing untreated sewage.

Of course, if you want to visit a nude beach (we’ve included several here) then make sure you protect yourself – and most importantly, your cock. Once that gets sunburnt you’ll know pain on a scale never experienced before. So although the attraction of taking your clothes off might seem good in the heat of the moment, slip, slop, slap and wrap that baby too!

When travelling to other countries, make sure you know the laws surrounding homosexuality before you go. Places like Sri Lanka have outlawed homosexuality outright, whereas others like Korea have no provision for it in their law (they think it is too disgraceful to contemplate). Depending on where you go, you could be sentenced to death, jailed or just fined. Other places turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn’t occur, and some condone it – Japan has a long history of homosexuality, with diaries from the 11th century detailing homosexual encounters. Don’t allow your long-awaited holiday to turn into a tragedy or disaster by pursuing gay activities, or even being seen and caught in a ‘gay’ area. And just because an area seems to be ‘gay friendly’ there’s nothing to say it’s actually legal and won’t be the subject of a crackdown by law enforcement at some stage. In Hawaii, many beaches tolerate nudity (although it’s not really allowed), so every so often the police have an offensive and arrest people who aren’t clothed. You don’t want to get caught on one of those days!

Lastly, but definitely not least, research where you’re going and if you think it might be best to take a friend. At the very least, they can keep you company if you’re in a strange place but if it’s somewhere your belongings might go missing while you’re having a quick dip, your friend can watch your valuables. Nothing worse than getting out of the water to find your mobile phone, wallet, passport and towel have walked off the beach. Gay beaches are just as much a target for unsavoury characters as any other beach. Protect yourself from more than just the sun!



If you’re new to travelling, or simply want to do it with other gays (travel, that is) so you won’t feel left out, there are many gay tour organisers in most countries of the world. If you search online you’ll find one close to you, and they book tours of every shape and size. If it’s a beach tour you want, then they can take the stress out of the arrangements and book coastal places that they know are gay friendly and where you’re assured of meeting gays just like you. No more guess work, or worrying if you’re going to be arrested or beaten up. A tour company will have all the best locations on hand, and with the best deals so you can also stop stressing about how much you’ll spend. Imagine travelling the world with a group you can truly feel comfortable with and be yourself around.



Africa might not necessarily conjure images of gay pride and locations you can meet other gays but rest assured, if you’re gay and travelling, Africa need not be a place you have to miss! Lions and elephants aren’t the only drawcards in Africa – although, they are a huge part of Africa’s attraction and any tour of Africa really needs to include the gameparks.

There are several gay or gay-friendly beaches in Africa, namely in Cape Town (also called the gay capital of South Africa – the tourism department even produces a Pink Map with all things gay highlighted! But if you choose to find the gay areas yourself, it’s pretty easy.).

Sandy Bay is one of the most attractive beaches in the area, and also one of the most popular – arrive early or else you might find yourself walking more than the 15-minute stroll from the nearest car park to the sand. Oh, did we mention it is a nude beach? So clothing is option – perfect for cock spotting. It’s a very short walk to the ‘gay area’ of the beach, with all the different sections of the beach separated by massive granite slabs. Another great spot for nude sunbathing (and cruising – more importantly) is known as Graaf’s Pool. Graaf’s Pool is located at Sea Point, and there are several more gay beaches in the area. As mentioned, the gay places are easy to find so really, once you’ve found one you can find them all. The Pink Map is not needed!


North America.

West Street Beach at Laguna Beach, California, is the best-known gay beach in the area. It has great sand and sea, but not really enough for surfing. Although if it’s sitting around and watching the passing parade you’re interested in, you can’t beat West Street Beach. Not too great if you’re handicapped as it’s not handicap accessible, so maybe take a mate to help you get on and off the sand. And you need to take your own umbrella as there’s really only porta loos and not much else by way of facilities. You’re best to walk or take public transport as parking is at a premium (so if you insist on driving, get there before the crowds). The entrances to the beach are found along the South Coast Highway, particularly at 31423 near the apartment complex called Laguna Royale. Another is at 31351 but this is close to a private residence so please try and keep the noise and disruption down! This entrance is more convenient and smaller, so it is a little more discreet if it’s privacy you’re after.

If you have thick skin you can’t go past South Beach at Florida. It’s a little on the prestigious side, with guys trying their hardest to look their best. But if you can put up with the attitude then South Beach is great for cock spotting and meeting great looking guys. Grab your best swimmers (no K-mart cossies here) and spend some time making yourself look better-than-best for a great time on one of the throbbing gay beaches of America. The good thing about being so strong in their attitude is that you can feel free to be who you are, and you don’t feel compelled to hide your gay pride. Be out and proud, as everyone else is!

Another beach where parking is prime is Herring Cove, at Provincetown Massachusetts. Make sure you get there early – before 11am – or walk, or cycle to the beach. Be prepared to pay a fee, whether you go in by car, foot or bike (people on foot aren’t always charged). And the gay section of the sand is furthest to the left – you need to walk through the ‘women’s’ and then the ‘bisexual’ areas of the beach to get there. They must think men have thicker soles on their feet as the men’s section is a little on the pebbly side, so shoes are advisable. The women’s section is sandier. If you don’t mind a bit of a walk, keep strolling to the furthest point of the beach and you’ll find yourself at Cape Cod. Known as Race Point Beach, it is family oriented but accommodates gays, so this beautiful isolated part of the coast is another spot to visit while in Massachusetts. Plan to spend an evening there to watch the sunset with a bottle of white and a cheese platter.

Hawaii’s Little Beach at Makena on the island of Maui is a fantastic gay beach – the scenery is just brilliant and you’re mixing it with straight couples, surfers, hippies and other gays – so the atmosphere is very cosmopolitan. Miles from anywhere and no development in site, it’s the best place to get away from it all and meet new people, or simply isolate yourself. You might even spot a whale or two in the right season. It is known as a nudist beach but the local authorities sometimes decide to enforce the law and these are not the days to go naked!

Oahu has two great gay beaches – Queen’s Surf is the gay place to be. Toilets and food outlets are also available, unlike Diamond Head, which has no facilities but still has gays.

The ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii has Kehena Beach – adorned with black sand and a walk along a lava path (good shoes are a must) this is a pretty place that usually welcomes nude sunbaking. The water can be a bit treacherous so care should be taken if you’re not a strong swimmer.

Not technically a beach as it lacks rolling surf and is not really close to a coast line, one of the best places for gays to sun themselves near water is actually in Midwestern U.S.A. If you happen to find yourselves at Lake Michigan, you can’t go past the twin towns of gayness, Douglas and Saugatuck. Close to that you’ll find Oval Beach (at Saugatuck – also called the Provincetown of the Midwest). It’s nestled in the dunes off a pristine lagoon fed by Lake Michigan, so the next time you are travelling between the coasts, be sure to drop in.

While there are many, many more gay beaches in North American if we listed them all here we’d never get to some of the other spectacular places you can stop in at around the world!


South America.

Brazil is home to Rio De Janeiro, which in turn is home to Ipanema Beach (made famous in the old song “The Lady from Ipanema”) and Farme Beach. These two beaches are happening all year round for gays. Pull up a patch of sand and watch the Brazilian version of beach volleyball (using a soccer ball and no hands). Ipanema is great for cruising, so make sure your intentions are clear before heading there. Well signposted with rainbow flags, you can purchase cheap food on the beach or head to one of the restaurants nearby for dinner. Even the beach vendors display the flags; such is the popularity of Ipanema with gays and gay culture. Farme Beach is well known for its collection of ‘Barbies’ – gay guys from the South side: well built, buffed and tanned. But don’t be fooled however – if you aren’t a ‘Barbie’ you’re still welcome. Displays of affection are welcome too, so fret not – hold hands and kiss your partner, it’s all okay! And if you don’t have a chair or umbrella, there are plenty to choose from that you can rent or buy. The beach is family-friendly too, so there’s a great mix of people from all sorts of backgrounds – including celebrities and socialites, TV stars and starlets. If you’re looking for a party or event then there are promoters on the beach all day every day; discounts can be had so hang onto those flyers!

Ipanema’s cousin is Copacabana – and is ‘transgender’ friendly. So if you’re not exclusively gay or lesbian, or even male or female, this is the place to fit in. Again, if you’re not ‘transgender’ you’re still welcome.

If you head to Salvador, there are several gay beaches there where you can cruise or simply sit. The gay beach club ‘Aruba’ can be found at Avenida Oceanica, and the beaches are at Porto da Barra and Todos os Santos Bay. The gayest beach, however, is Praia dos Artistis. Dangerous at night (it’s best to be off the beach after dark) it is populated with gays, lesbians and families alike – and they mix without issue or problem. The ramp to the beach is also great for cruising.

Rio has a great selection of carnivals and parades, so make sure you do a little research before you leave home to see what’s on when you’re there. Make the most of your stay and experience gay culture in another country.

Praia Olho de Boi is a great spot for couples and gays. A nudist beach, it has absolutely stunning scenery and it takes a little hike to get to, but it is well worth it. The beach is located north of Rio De Janeiro is Buzios (where Olho de Boi is found and, it is said, Brazilians go to relax.)

Praia Mole, on the island of Santa Catarina, is where to go when you want to mix the best of both worlds – gorgeous scenery and gorgeous guys.



Phuket (pronounce it how you wish) is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Asia. But if you head down to Patong Beach you’ll also be treated to some of the most spectacular shows of gay pride (that have been said to rival those seen in America). Parades and live shows are features of this area of Thailand, with gay Thais and drag queens found around every corner and bar.

Bali has had a lot of negative attention recently but rest assured it’s still a popular tourist destination – and the locals are even more welcoming (if that’s possible) to try and rid themselves of the bad publicity. Although there are no designated ‘gay beaches’ there are several that are very popular with gays. The beautiful beach town of Seminyak is home to the Petitenget Beach (also called Ganesha) on Jalan Petitenget (Petitenget Road). The forest area close by is good for cruising. The second place to go is at Kata, the Blue Ocean Beach.

Sri Lanka is a very dangerous place for gays and lesbians alike – the law does not recognise homosexuality (it’s illegal) and groups and gangs look for gays to beat and rob. But if you find yourself in the country then there are places to find other gays. One such place is Bambalapitya Beach, another is Wellawatta Beach, both in Colombo.

Malaysia has it’s share of gay beaches, among them Teluk Cempedak Beach in Teluk Cempedak, in the state of Kuantan. With gays and lesbians becoming a driving force in Malaysia, they are becoming more and more accepted so it’s not as dangerous as some other places in Asia.



Tamarama Beach in Sydney (also known as ‘Glamarama’) is a gay man’s dream. Gorgeous male lifesavers decked out in super tight Speedos are just one of the attractions of this beautiful Sydney beach. More intimate and scenic than the nearby Bondi Beach (another gay hangout) Tamarama is surrounded by sandstone cliffs and shouldn’t be missed on any visit to Sydney. If you’re not careful you might get to meet one of the lifesavers sooner than you think as the water at Tamarama is a little on the rough side, so take care when swimming. Bronte Beach on the eastern suburbs is also a little dangerous but the cafes are great for meeting gay people.

Two nudist beaches for those who don’t mind casting aside their outer wear and going au natural, are Obelisk and Lady Jane beaches. Gays are welcomed here, and so are clothes should you decide to be a little more modest. Obelisk is a bit of a walk unless you take a water taxi or private boat.

The rest of Sydney’s beaches have a strict no-nudity policy, but there are some places you can go where gays have ‘unofficial’ areas of the beach. Of late, North Bondi is one and many beautiful people – gay and straight – can be seen parading up and down the sand.

Red Leaf Pool is a great spot for a bit of eye candy and perhaps meeting a friend for the night or even longer. The pool is part of Sydney Harbour but fenced off for protection (from sharks and the like) and a pretty place to rest and swim.

Of course, Sydney is home to the yearly Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The event is world-known and incredibly popular so make sure you’re in town for it. And then you can make your way to other great gay places to visit beaches in and around the ‘wide brown land down under’.

At the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland you’ll find Turtle Cove Resort – a hotel and private beach – for gays. The beach is not the only attraction; the reef is a stunning place for nature-lovers and a tour in one of the glass-bottom boats is a thing to remember. Another gay spot in Queensland is Noosa. Fast becoming popular with gays, to the point that more gays and lesbians are moving here than to any other place in Australia, its beautiful white sandy beaches and great surfing have made it a favourite spot for visitors too. The two main beaches in Noosa are secluded Alexandria Bay and Peregian Beach (the latter sporting gay accommodations). The main tourist boom occurs after the Mardi Gras, as Noosa is a great recovery spot for post-party revellers.

Located in Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is Scarborough Beach. A favourite haunt for local gays, it has free parking, facilities (including showers) and you can even take a picnic as there are gazebos available for your use. 



Greece is famous for many things, among them the spectacular scenery and Mediterranean colours of the isle of Mykonos. The aptly named Super Paradise Beach is one of the gayest beaches in the world. Just next door to the larger, more organised Paradise Beach, Super Paradise is hectic and crammed with gayness – just the way we like it! Chock-full in summer, plan ahead for your patch of sand. You can be prepared and catch a bus to Paradise then walk to Super Paradise, but beware – you’ll encounter goats, shepherd huts and many rocky fences so a good pair of walking shoes and a bottle of water won’t go astray. Plus, it can be a good walk for cruising. Less crowded but on the same boat ride that will take you to Super Paradise (if you don’t fancy walking there) is another beach with intermingling gays and straights – Elia Beach. Agios Sostis is quieter still, but has its share of families so discretion is advised. But generally, gays are accepted there so feel free to pop down and sunbake in relative peace (don’t forget kids are accepted too). Of a nightime, grab some great grub in one of the fantastic restaurants Mykonos has to offer. And during the day if you need a break from the beach, hit the shops in town for a light spot of retail relaxation. Popular due to its tolerance of culture different to their own, Mykonos is a great spot for gays to holiday.

Another European beach popular with gays – and just about everyone else – is Playa De La Bassa Rodona Beach in Sitges, Spain. Well known for being one of the most crowded beaches going, it is also one of the most picturesque. Whether taking in the quaint cobblestone streets, the rolling hills or the old church, one thing’s for certain – you’ve always something to do when not ogling the visitors. But watch your personal belongings – they can disappear while you’re off swimming or chatting, so having a friend to watch them is not a bad idea. And the hawkers and sellers will harass you almost non-stop, so learn to switch off and ignore them.

The Balearic Islands of Spain is home to perennially popular party place Ibiza. Playa des Cavellat is where you’ll find one of the gay beaches of Ibiza, Es Cavellat. At the southernmost part of Ibiza, it is a strip of the Mediterranean with its own gay bar and bistro, and no families and kids so you can be safe in the knowledge you can be as gay as you like without fear of offending. The food is said to be sensational and the juice bar offers more healthy choices should you want to look like you actually care about your body. And even though the beach is a bit of a walk, there are plenty of things to do and see along the way and again once you get there. The downside of being so popular is that when the bar is full, service slows – so if you happen to be there and so is everyone else, plan to wait for your order. The beach is well appointed, with toilets and a masseur (not in the same place) and a few shops selling jewellery and sarongs and other beachey attire.

From the beach with everything to the beach with nothing – literally: Los Molinos is difficult to get to, covered in pebbles and has no facilities. Kinda makes you wonder what the attraction is, but you are allowed to go naked and it is popular, so you’ll always find company. And you can see as you make the journey down the steps clinging to the side of the mountain whether it will be too crowded to visit.

Another popular Spanish area is Catalonia, where you’ll find the city of Barcelona. Normally associated with bull fighting and gay-looking macho guys, Barcelona has a few great gay beaches. Nova Icaria is best for food-loving gays with three bars on the beach, two restaurants just behind the beach and many more dotting the streets in and around the beach; you can’t go wrong with trying to find somewhere to eat and/or drink.

Twice the size of Nova Icaria is Bogatell. Although there are no restaurants or bars on the beach, it is well protected from the street, and so makes you feel like you’re miles from civilisation. One of the busiest beaches for gays is Mar Bella – just next to Bogatell and hidden from view by bamboo screens, Mar Bella is a ‘naturalist’ beach, so clothing is optional and discouraged. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then San Sebastian is the beach to head to for both gay fellowship and news about where to go that night – with Go Go Boys handing out leaflets for parties and the like.

France is not to be left out, with its share of gay cities, beaches and towns. Situated on the Basque Coast is the city of Biarritz. South of Biarritz is Bidart, and from there, the ‘Beach of a Hundred Steps’. Aptly named, make sure you wear shoes – not only for the 100 steps but also the trek along the beach from the entrance at the bottom of the steps (the family area) to the gay area.

Nice, in the French Riviera, is home to several popular gay hubs and is openly known as a gay city. La Plage de Coco Beach is the ‘gay’ beach, and pebbly – based on a rocky outcrop and not too comfortable. A beach that is not ‘gay’ but where gays are welcomed is Castel Plage. There are two more gay beaches not far from Nice, one being La Plage de’Eze. It’s a bit of a drive, and with nothing around make sure you take everything you’ll need for a day at the beach. It’s gay and popular, and also nudist (but not strictly so) – everything you need for a great time. Another pebbly beach, so be certain you have decent shoes as it’s a bit of a walk to the ‘beach’ section.

In southern France you’ll find L’Espiguette, the best of the best gay beaches with spectacular sands and naturalists as well as gays, and a whole village is dedicated to naturalists in Cap d’Agde. Based on the beach it is also popular with gays and naturalists, so it’s certainly not a place to miss while in this neck of the neighbourhood.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but simply a list of some of the best gay beaches you’ll find in some of the most popular holiday destinations. Have a great time at the beach, whether you’re on holidays or living in the area. And stay safe!

 Male chastity
Male chastity 

Gay Beaches


Some of the most well liked gay spots in the world are gay resorts, gay beaches and little cities near the water. The quiet of breezy gay beach locales and immaculate scenery is a fantastic attraction among gay people, and many waterside communities with considerable gay crowds have gay-friendly clothing-optional resorts and B&Bs, not to forget merry open-air bars and discos. 

With winter approaching fast, many of you might be thinking about some good places to plan warm beach vacations in the next few months. There are many towns and cities around the globe with dynamic gay scenes and easy touch to beautiful gay beaches, from small beach villages like Puerto Rico, Vieques and Salt Spring Island to big cities like Sydney and Barcelona.


Some of the famous gay beaches around the world are: 

West Street Gay Beach, California

Laguna Beach is California’s gay beach town where Hollywood men take a break to relax down and fade off the Speedo tan lines. The astonishingly undeveloped West Street Beach is the major gay hangout, with lipstick ladies crowding to the north side of the beach. The gay beach is bubbling with designer swimwear, volleyball games, designer swimwear, and posing. You can find your favorite porn stars casually strolling the sands here. It is good for swimming, but beware of the occasional riptide. You would find that the parking space is little, so it is advised to arrive early.

Farme Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This gay part of the famous Ipanema Beach is situated under stylish apartment buildings and cloudy mountain peaks, and is the natural territory for bikini-clad eye candies, kissing lesbian duos in bikinis, and the closeted Brazilian Tele star.

You will find perfectly tanned, rippling muscled men who parade their bodies on the gay beach, doing sit ups, pull ups, push ups. Just about anything to get tanned and more rippled, just to the delight of admiring onlookers.

Security is a negative point here. Beware of pickpockets and thieves on the gay beach, and don’t leave your important things unattended while going for a swim.

Fire Island, New York


This is the gayest island in the world and is the residence of two gay communities – the ‘everybody welcome Cherry grove’ and ‘A-gay Pines’, separated by the petting zoo. Both destinations are merry and bouncing in the summers but you just might need the connections to spend a night at this gay beach. But your efforts would be worthwhile when you get to gaze upon the muscular lads and eye candies of this island.

Demigods, both young and old, cannot wait to show off their muscular gym bodies, which they have been covering all the winters to open it all up at gay beaches.

You need high connections to spend a night here, so try to plan a day-trip. You might not always be able to spend a night here.

Hippie Hollow, Austin, Texas


Its just a small distance away from liberal man-made reservoir Austin, of Lake Travis and is the location for the most excellent little gay beach in Texas. Forested hills drop down limestone cliffs, and enormous rocks lining the bluish green waters make the ideal nude sunbathing terraces. Many straight and gay people rent houseboats at this gay beach and sail around the lake, for weekends of southern style outdoor parties. Hippie Hollow has been a hangout for pretty students and hippies, and of course cowboys who do not mind dropping through the gay beach. A law ordinance forbids children of under18 years to visit Lake Travis so you should leave the kids at home before visiting this exquisite lake.

Tamarama Beach, Sydney, Australia


Tamarama Beach, also known as Glamarama, may not have the muscular cute lifeguards of the Bondi Beach to the north, yet the views of this gay beach are very inspiring at this hot gay bay lined with sandstone rocks, beneath the seaside mansions and small sidewalks cafes of posh Sydney neighborhood. Australians love the outside and it reflects with their tanned and trim figures across Sydney’s gay beaches, covered with cheerful ear-to-ear wide smiles as their continent. Tamarama is a small place and in summers it can get jam-packed, so make your reservations earlier. And due to the ozone hole, skin cancer is widespread reality.

Elia Beach, Mykonos, Greece


Elia is near the once gay beach, Super Paradise Beach, which has been taken over by Elia, which is the queerest beach in the Mediterranean. A home of gay people from around Europe and further away, bask in the warm sun while tasting cocktails from adjacent taverns and looking at to the bright blue waters and the rocky mountains nearby. 

Mykonos is known for it’s natural beauty and scenic attractiveness. The downside is that the buses and ferries stop at comparatively early hours and so if you hang around this gay beach for too late, it would be hard to find a taxi.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada


The tall woods of British Columbia cover Wreck Beach. It is a student hangout for the adjacent British Columbia campus. Nudist vendors stroll up and down the soft sand of this gay beach selling different things ranging from handicraft jewelry to gourmet falafels. The open-minded and careless aura of Vancouver is obvious everywhere. The young following here is pretty to the eyes, for the lovers of pierced and mohawked things. Some parts of the beach are rocky and some parts are muddy, so it is advisable to bring a foam mattress and old shoes. 

Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii


This small but bubbling gay beach is an uncommon place in the state of Aloha where tourists and locals live together happily. Dancing boarders splatter by lesbians and bikini-clad couples. Everyone is looking forward to sighting the frequent humpback whales and beautiful sunsets of this gay beach. Maui’s best bodies like to show off their stuff, particularly on Sunday evenings during the beach drum circles watch out for sun burns and carry a lot of sun screen lotion.

Oval Beach, Saugatuck, Michigan


The smooth artistic societies of Saugatuck have always been a gay magnet. It is just a small distance away from the town towards the west. Oval Beach is a gay beach that has gay-popular sandbanks; full of soft sand. It is along breezy Lake Michigan. There have been some rumors that the area is being sold to some developers, so it is advisable to go now before it gets too late. The gay beach is so calm, it is almost boring, but there are forests beyond it, which can offer adventure to the more daring people. It is officially on private land, so be discrete.

Black’s Beach, San Diego, California


Black’s Beach is balanced under radically carved cliffs, where hand gliders soar off. It is among the oldest nude gay beaches of the United States and a chief reason in itself to go visit gay-friendly San Diego. The open gay beach welcomes just about everyone, be they gay, straight, or otherwise. Even seals and dolphins pop up offshore occasionally. The water is comparatively warmer and is good for skinny dipping, contrasting to a number of California gay beaches. It is a friendly beach where people seem to know each other, as they stop for nude chats while strolling on the beach. The rippling surfers also do not mind walking naked either. The negative point is that it is very difficult to climb back on the cliffs.

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Provincetown lies at the end of Cape Cod, on the Outer Cape. If you imagine the Cape as a bent arm, Provincetown would be lying at the hand. It is at the thin end of the Cape, and the city faces south and is placed on protected Cape Cod Bay. The immaculate, wind-swept dunes, sea grass and beaches of Cape Cod National Seashore, and the north section of the city faces the foamy Atlantic Ocean. It is America's leading gay resort developed many years back as an arts colony. Most visitors and residents are pleased about the increased variety and diversity of shopping places, restaurants and hotels. Provincetown will be definitely be a top gay resort for many years to come.

Florida’s Gay Beaches


Florida has many beaches that are open and welcoming to same-sex couples. In fact, the majority of booming cities and little enclaves in the South greet the guests to the sandy shores not considering sex, race, marital status, physical attributes or sexual preferences. A lot of clubs, gay beaches, hotels, bars, resorts and accommodation of Florida provide specifically to gay and lesbian customers. 

The top Florida beaches with bold gay charm are: 

South Beach: It has cool restaurants; the best architecture and nightlife that just won't quit. All this makes South Beach a must visit destination in Florida. 

Smathers Beach: It is one of the best-known gay beaches of Key West. Smathers' low waters, Mexican-Caribbean spice and non-existent undertow provide worldwide appeal. 

Haulover Beach: It is Florida's single legal nude gay beach. Haulover Beach also assets a segment for gay naturists. It doesn’t matter if you choose to take off your clothes or not, the warm weather and clean white sand make this a valuable vacation spot. 

Fort Lauderdale Gay Beach: It is located near a lot of gay and lesbian-run corporations and lodgings; this informal gay beach is ever warm and welcoming. 

Pass-A-Grille: It is quiet, quaint, quirky. Pass-A-Grille presents an option to everyone. With clear sands, pink glistening shells and exciting dolphin watching, there is a lot to do at this lesser known beach. 

Dania Beach: A number of canals and waterways make this waterfront a scenery in itself. Dania Beach is the Antique Capital of the South, and presents much more to collect than just shells. 

North Lido Beach: It is close to Sarasota and the incredible shops of St. Armands Circle. It offers a band of nature off the coast of a busy city. 

Ponte Vedra Beach: Jacksonville has to offer golf and culture downtown that often outshines the area's best plus point - Ponte Vedra Beach itself. 

Crescent Beach: It is the most famous among artists and writers. The prize-winning fine clear sand of this island sparks the mind. A lot of funky entertainment is offered by nearby Siesta Key at this gay beach. 

Holiday Isle: This correctly named gay beach is near Havana in both geographical layout and character. This Florida destination gets an additional tropical flare with tiki bars, spring break parties, and non-stop fun.

Quepos, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has turned out to be the gay center of visiting the attractions in Central America. The city of Quepos and the neighboring Manuel Antonio National Park have progressively developed into the country’s top gay resort destination. It has a lush landscaping, extraordinary wildlife, and careless, friendly panorama that characterize this good-looking and reasonably priced region.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

The bigger of two islands at the east shore of Puerto Rico, Vieques has progressively developed substantial prestige among gays, lesbians and eco-tourists and, more lately, jet setters. There are open air cocktail bars for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Ogunquit, Maine

It is smaller, more low-profiled, and less popular than Provincetown. The scenic Oceanside community of Ogunquit, Maine is among one of most important gay resort communities of New England. It is just 90 minutes driving distance from Boston, and less than a 30 minutes distance from the gay-friendly town of Portland, Maine, and equally charming Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Cannon Beach, Oragon

Where do gays and lesbians from Portland go when they are looking for fun at the ocean? The sophisticated, artsy, yet low-profiled cities of Manzanita and Cannon Beach are a two of the majority of gay-friendly resorts along Oregon's rocky and calm North Coast. You will not find any actual "scene" here in this way, but a lot of B&Bs and hotels in Cannon Beach are all very much into gay-hospitality, as are the cool cafes and restaurants in Manzanita, which is 15 miles south. 

These gay beaches will definitely steal your heart away. All of them offer scenic beauties and peace and calm, with vivid flavors of enjoyment for your vacations.


Mens swimwear

 I Love Gay Beaches

I have always been curious about gay beaches and whether or not I could find any in my general area. You see, I live in a place that doesn’t have much of a gay population, but I always felt that having a beach that I could wear my favorite swimwear to without being harassed by those overly butch alpha males would be nice. I would welcome the chance to be able to sit out on the sand and enjoy the sun without some troglodyte running their mouth about how “my kind” wasn’t welcomed on their beach.

Now, I don’t have anything against gay men or women and I think having gay beaches would be a great service. I know there are some around the world as I have visited plenty of them in my travels over the years, but having one in my area would be the best possible solution for me. I have tried to be like all those other guys and wear those tacky trunks that they seem to love to wear, but they just don’t feel right to me; not to mention that I never get a decent tan when I am wearing them, either.

I am not gay by any stretch of the imagination, even though my wife thinks I am just because I have a fear of mice and scream when I see one. I am pretty sure that I won't be seeing too many mice on gay beaches, though, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, they have sharp teeth and claws and they are always chewing on things like they are ravenous little zombie beasts intent on doing as much destruction as possible. Who wouldn’t be afraid of having something like that attacking them for no reason?

Okay, enough about the mice. Let's get back to the gay beaches that are so desperately needed in my area. The guys that are always down at the local beach seem to think that they have the thing on lockdown. They are always annoying the women and trying to impress everyone with how many heavy objects they can lift at once. I never really understood why lifting heavy things made some guys feel manlier than others, but I will let their psychologists work that out for them on their own time. Just seems like a waste of time and effort to me.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no problems with getting some exercise in. But going over board to the point where you can't even wipe your own butt in the bathroom because your arms are too big seems a bit ridiculous to me. You won't find guys like that on gay beaches anywhere; I can assure you. Gay men are quite willing to accept that bulking up your body in ways that were never intended for it to be is beyond stupidity. Looking good is one thing; bulging muscles to the point where you look freakish is something completely different in my book.

I have found that the many gay beaches I have visited all over the world have been much more relaxed in nature than the common public beaches that everyone goes to. For one thing, you don’t find a lot of kids on them throwing things around and making a mess out of the beach. Most parents won't let their small kids go to these kinds of beaches because they are afraid that their children will catch that nasty gay gene that apparently is spread by general exposure to gay people. Yes, ignorance is a wondrous thing, but it's a wonder that the human race has made it this long with so much of it.

I have also found that gay beaches have people on them that don’t particularly care what you are doing and will do their best to let you enjoy the sun and the sand without trying to force you to listen to their moral dilemmas. I think that there should be more places out there where people will keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves so that you can actually enjoy yourself besides just on these types of beaches. I could think of quite a few places that would be nice to have happen myself.

I would love to find some gay beaches that were at least within driving distance of me since I don’t exactly have the money to purchase the land and make one myself. If I could, that would be even better because I would make it a private beach and only allow guys that were wearing swimwear on my beach. That would put a huge damper in the meathead department that likes to hang out at the entrance to the beach that is closest to me. Yes, I don’t particularly enjoy walking by those guys very often in case you can't tell.

I would relish the thought of being able to lie out on gay beaches during the weekend and work on getting the perfect tan. All the while wearing something sexy and just a tad erotic from I think that would be the perfect way of relaxing and getting rid of all the stress that my job seems to pile on top of me during the week. Even my wife could enjoy sitting out on a beach like that since she gets to look at all the sexy guys walk by.

My wife understands that she has no chance of hooking up with another man while we are on gay beaches, but she gets to see some pretty hot guys walking around in swimwear from that leaves very little to the imagination most of the time. That alone is worth having her come to the beach with me when we go on vacation because it really turns her on. She has a fetish for sexy men in erotic swimwear, and it doesn’t matter to her if they are gay or not. As long as they have a penis in a pouch of some kind; she is quite content.

I have looked online trying to find gay beaches in my area, but always seem to fail miserably at actually finding them. I have found a couple of them that are a few hours’ drive away and I have visited a couple of them in the past. I just don’t want to drive all that far so that I can show off my latest swimwear from I want something that is close enough that I can run home if I need to and not have to plan an entire weekend around the trip.

I would have to say that the best gay beaches I have ever been to were in Europe. Those people over there really know how to turn a beach into a fantastic getaway; that’s for sure. Even if you aren’t gay, I would highly recommend going to one of these beaches if you ever get the chance. You will definitely enjoy the time that you spend there even if it is only a couple of hours. You will also meet some of the nicest people you could ever meet while you are there, unlike the people you meet on our local beach.

I have been to a couple gay beaches that I wouldn’t recommend to a crab if it was looking for somewhere to vacation for the day. Some of these beaches were the worst experiences in my life and I almost hate thinking about them. It wasn’t so much the beach itself, any beach with sand and an ocean is going to be pleasant to most people. But the aspect of getting onto the beach is what really killed the mood. There was one that you had to walk down an enclosed alley way to get to that was really scary.

If you have never walked down an enclosed alley before, then you should count yourself lucky. But try walking down an alley way like that just to get to a gay beach in a part of town that gays aren't exactly welcome in. That will turn your life around in quite a hurry if you aren't prepared to defend yourself in every way possible. My wife and I were almost physically attacked in this particular alley way because they thought we were a gay couple. Of course, my wife has a 36DD chest, but these morons thought she was a man in drag.

You really have to wonder at what makes a person so phobic about gay beaches and gay people in general. Sure, there is something to say about the environment they grew up in and the religion that was forced down their throats from the time they could walk, but you would think that in this day and age, people would have learned a few things. Just the thought of having someone hate another person so much that they would attack a harmless married couple because of their beliefs is enough to make you want to exit yourself from the human race altogether.

I know that I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I have raised my children to see all people as individuals that deserve respect no matter what. Those people that prefer to hang out on gay beaches deserve their respect even if they aren't comfortable with being around them. They have the right to be there and have as much relaxation and fun as anyone else does on any other beach in the world. There is no reason to attack them verbally or physically just because you don’t like what they do in the bedroom.

The funny thing is that most of the men out there that rally around the hatemongers seem to have an affinity with gay beaches that goes well beyond enjoying the sand and sun. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them aren't secretly gay, but won't allow themselves to accept it. They would rather live a life full of dishonesty and deceit towards who they really are so that their friends and family members will still accept them. It's really a shame that people have become so divided over such trivial aspects of life these days.

Maybe if all of these people spent some quality time visiting gay beaches in their area, they would see that not every gay man wants to have sex with them. In fact, most gay men have no thoughts about having sex with other guys that aren't gay in the first place. Sure, there are a few gay men that fantasize about it, but there are plenty of straight men that fantasize about sleeping with celebrity women on a daily basis as well. It doesn’t mean that you are going to go out there and molest Madonna the first time you see her.

If more people could understand what it means to relax on these gay beaches, they might figure out that the gay men and women out there are the same as us on every level expect who they want to be in a relationship with. They are hardworking individuals that want to enjoy their lives just like everyone else on the planet. Of course, hate groups make that a bit difficult for them to do, but there are plenty of minorities around that can understand what that feels like.

I enjoy going to gay beaches even though I am not gay. I find their beaches cleaner and much friendlier than any public beach I have ever been to in my life. The people that frequent these beaches understand that the beach is a place to relax and enjoy instead of being somewhere that you go to verbally abuse other people that aren't the same as you are. If you want to enjoy your life and maybe get some time out in the sun with your favorite swimwear piece, then you should do everything in your power to find some gay beaches in your area. The sooner you realize that you can have tranquility and peace in your life by accepting others that are different from you, the sooner you will see your life turn around and become better.