The Best Gay Beaches

Finding Gay Beaches

When it comes to finding gay beaches for the perfect vacation, you will find it much easier than you may think. One of the highest rated beaches that cater to gay people is Pines Beach in Fire Island, New York. This has been a pretty popular spot for years. Then, there is Sebastian Street Gay Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. People love the atmosphere there. For the gay people that like to travel, there are plenty of beaches. There is Playa Delfines in Cancun, Mexico, Rio, Brazil offers Farme de Amoedo, Hilton Beach is in Tel Aviv, and Puerto Vallarto, Mexico tempts you with yet another gay beach called Playa Lost Muertos. For those gay couples Down Under, there is the North Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. If you prefer the environment of South Africa, Cape Town has Clifton 3rd Beach. Even though this is a pretty extensive list of gay beaches, there are still more for anywhere in the world you might want to go for vacation and have a remarkable time.

Gay Beaches

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Top Gay Beaches Around the World

While it is not always a necessity, gay people find that there is so much more fun and freedom when they visit gay beaches. There are many of them but the top ten usually are the ones chosen most often. Some of those beaches include LLevant, Formentera which is considered to be the alternative to Ibiza. Not only is it a gay beach, but a nude one, too. Then we have Beach 19, in Lisbon. It is partly gay and totally nude so you can have lots of fun. For those gay men down under, there is North Bondi Beach in Sydney. Tel Aviv is surprisingly open minded in hosting a a gay beach by the Hilton Hotel. Obviously, Miami, Florida has some gay hot spots located at 12th Street and Ocean Boulevard where rainbow flags often appear at lifeguard stations. You also can choose Sunny Isles in North Miami at a nude gay beach called Haulover Beach. Head to Rio de Janeiro and play with the boys from Ipanema. However, there seems to one that is the most popular of all. It is called Elia Beach in Mykonos. This is one of the largest gay beaches worldwide and is highly populated year-round.

Gay Beaches Offer the Perfect Vacation

If you happen to be gay and would prefer to hang out with other gay people on your vacation, the best places in the world for this are gay beaches. Yes, there are such places as beaches that are known as being in place specifically for gay people. The good news is that you probably do not have to travel too far away from home, unless you want to, in order to find these beaches. There are plenty of them right in the United States and plenty more of these beaches all over the world. Cultures are different no matter what part of the world that you visit and a lot of those countries totally embrace couples who love each other whether they are gay or straight. So all you have to really do is a little research and you can find quite an assortment of beaches that welcome gay people.

The Best Gay Beaches in California

When planning a trek to one of the nicest, gay-friendly states in the U.S.A., the most fun loving gay men will seek out all the best nude and gay beaches offered. In the great state of California, many locations allow for gay men to not only be accepted, but to be celebrated. One of the best gay beaches in California is West Street Beach. You can find this beach as a portion of Laguna Beach. What makes this beach so great is the presence of hunky men with rock hard abs and tight asses. Many physically fit men occupy this beach to scout out other attractive, available men. For those of you who may be a bit more modest or reserved, there is also a beach called El Matador. It is a gay beach in Malibu that offers a smaller crowd. If the pressure of too many attractive men makes you feel like you are about to pass out, then maybe you need to take baby steps before you hit the big leagues. El Matador may be just the spot to help you ease into bigger, more crowded gay beaches.

Gay Beaches are Easier to Find Than You Think

Gay men tend to prefer to have their fun in the sun at gay beaches. Obviously, anyone is allowed to visit these beaches most straight guys as well as families prefer to stay away from these particular beaches. It is perfectly ok for them to feel that way just as it is the right of the gay population to have their very own beaches to play as comfortably as they can. These special beaches are located all over the world. All you have to do is a little research and you will be able to find these beaches no matter where you live or where you might like to take a trip to see. The internet is where a lot of gay people turn to when they are searching for a beach that is special made for them. Others use travel agencies. There are also such events as gay cruises that will allow you to enjoy the company of gay companions while also enjoying different beaches along the way. 

I Love Going to Gay Beaches

I have been traveling around the world looking for the best gay beaches and having the time of my life. I may not be a gay man myself, but I have had more fun hanging out with gay men than I ever have at any other beach. At first, I thought I was just filling some kind of travel niche out there online, but now I know that this is something that I was meant to experience. I know that some of my friends are confused as to why I enjoy going to all these beaches, but no matter what, I tell them they will never fully understand. I do not even think taking them to any of these gay beaches would help because they would not be interested in having fun like I am. They would be worried that they were going to be hit on by all the gay guys, which does not actually happen as much as some people would think. A closed mind is a terrible thing.

Gay Beaches

If you have been on the lookout for some great gay beaches, you should not worry about not finding one. While there are plenty of beaches all over the world, you may think that finding beaches that cater mainly to gay people are in short supply. Now this goes for women, too, because gay women also appreciate beaches where they do not have to feel embarrassed about their sexuality. Among the most popular beaches where gay people can enjoy themselves is Cancun, which is one of the most amazing and colorful places to spend some time. Another very popular beach that gay people seem to really like is Fire Island. It is quite a popular beach destination for gay individuals, although straight people can also have fun. Of course, there is also the gorgeous location of Maui, which is one of the Hawaiian Islands. If none of these meet your get away requirements, there is always the internet or an in person travel agent. Just keep in mind that there are plenty of beaches out there for gay people and you will be able to find them quite easily.

Gay Beaches

It might seem a bit strange, but there are a lot of guys out there in the world looking for gay beaches. Things like this used to be seen as taboo and, in some places, even against the law, but in this day and age it is more common than you might think. Gay beaches have become quite the rage among open minded individuals, or women that just want to have a relaxing day. They want to enjoy a day in the sun without being harassed by every man they come in contact with. You might also find a number of straight men on these beaches, too, because they just want to enjoy a day outside. You may think these beaches are tucked away in hard to see places, but in reality, they are not. In fact, you might be surprised at where some of these beaches actually are once you look them up online. Just remember that these beaches are the same as any other beaches you might go to and try to have fun without causing any problems.